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  • Torrington, Derek; Hall, Laura; Atkinson, Carol; Taylor, Stephen (Pearson, 2017)
    This tenth edition has been thoroughly updated with the economic, social and legal employment practice changes and is specifically designed to be relevant to the issues and debates facing HRM today
  • Keown, Arthur J.; Martin, John D.; Petty, J. William (Pearson, 2017)
    Foundations of Finance retains its foundational approach to the key concepts of finance, bolstered by real-world vignettes, cases, and problem exercises. Utilizing five principles, which are presented at the beginning of ...
  • Goralski, Walter (Morgan Kaufmann, 2017)
    The Illustrated Network: How TCP/IP Works in a Modern Network, Second Edition presents an illustrated explanation on how TCP/IP works, using consistent examples from a working network configuration that includes servers, ...
  • Vacca, John R. (Morgan Kaufmann, 2017)
    Computer and Information Security Handbook, Third Edition, provides the most current and complete reference on computer security available in one volume. The book offers deep coverage of an extremely wide range of issues ...
  • Stallings, William (Pearson, 2017)
    Stallings’ Cryptography and Network Security, Seventh Edition, introduces the reader to the compelling and evolving field of cryptography and network security. In an age of viruses and hackers, electronic eavesdropping, ...

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