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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1955A history of early discoveries of petroleum and natural gas in the permian basin and panhandle of Texas: a thesis in historyMartin, Robert Leslie
1956How to develop self confidence & Influence people by public speakingCarnegie, Dale
1963Market theory and the price systemKirzner, Israel M.
1969Calculus and analytic geometry _2nd ed.Randolph, John F.
1970The history of economic development in the history of economic thoughtRobbins, Lord
1971A framework for management Information systemsGorry, Anthony G.; Morton, Micheal S. S.
1978Theory of International trade under uncertaintyHelpman, Elhanan; Razin, Assaf
1979Program evaluation in social researchMorell, Jonathan Alan
1979Introduction to dynamic systems : theory, models and applicationsLuenberger, David G.
1980Competitive strategy : techniques for analyzing industries and competitors : with a new introductionPorter, Michael E.
1982International marketing and purchasing of Industrial goods : an interaction processIMP Project Group
1982Oil and Politics in Latin America : nationalist movements and state companiesPhilip, George
1983The five stages of small business growth (Reprint)Churchill, Neil C.; Lewis, Virginia L.
1984Calculus: basic concepts and applicationsRosenbaum, R. A.; Johnson, G. Philip
1985The economics of industries and firmsSawyer, Malcolm C.
1986Production and transport o oil and gasSzilas, A.P.
1988The c programming language _2nd ed.Kernighan, Brian W.; Ritchie, Dennis M.
1988A UNICEF guide for monitoring and evaluation: making a difference-
1989History of economic theoryNegishi, Takashi
1990International research management: studies in interdisciplinary methods from business, government and academiaBirnbaum-More, Phillip H.; Rossini, Frederick A.; Baldwin, Donald R.